228-Balaam’s First Prophecy

If you clicked the link a the end of last week’s post it took you to a post I wrote some years ago about Balaam’s first prophecy. I know this is unusual and maybe a bit clumsy, but I linked to it because that’s where we find ourselves in the book of Numbers and I wasn’t sure there would be much value in re-writing the post. This link will take you to the conclusion of Balaam’s first prophecy.

You know, I’m becoming increasingly convinced that it is critical we approach the scriptures expecting a literal message from Yahweh to be interpreted literally by us. If we don’t understand that primary principle I doubt we will understand much of the message of the Bible.

Secondarily, we must understand the Bigger of the two parts of the Holy Bible to be how Yahweh God interacted in covenant relationship with the Nation of Israel.

Thirdly, we must understand that the church is different from Israel. God deals differently with the church today than He does His covenant people Israel. Understanding these three principles that are clearly taught in the word of God influences our understanding of yet future prophetic events. Once you understand that the church age is, simply put, a parenthetical insert in the history of Israel, the timing and purpose of the rapture of the church (among other things) becomes clear. This is one reason I spend so much time studying and writing about the Old Testament.


Balaam’s First Prophecy – the Conclusion

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