311 – Psalm 16 – Whats before our eyes?

Psalm 16:6 (LEB)

     6 The measuring lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. 

     Yes, my inheritance is delightful for me. 

There are only eleven verses in Psalm 16 so it shouldn’t be too difficult to read the whole Psalm every time we spend a few minutes considering the details. In considering verse six, let’s keep in mind it continues the thought begun in verse five. The measuring lines are specifically referring to territorial boundaries. The first thing I noticed in this verse is David is expressing contentment with what YHWH (Yahweh) has given him. I would venture to say it’s a rare thing among kings to be satisfied with their boundaries. After all, it is human nature to alway be wanting more. Why is David content? I believe it’s because he recognizes that what he has is from YHWH.


Psalm 16:7 (LEB)

     7 I will bless Yahweh who advises me; 

     yes, at night my ⌊innermost being⌋ instructs me.

     8 I have set Yahweh before me always. 

     Because he is at my right hand I will not be shaken. 

Oh the things we could learn from this ancient king! David recognizes YHWHs leading, and because he does he’s confident YHWH will keep him rock solid. Notice those three common words at the beginning of verse eight, “I have set”. What has David set? “Yahweh before me always”! Apply that to our lives today. How often do we refer to a “move of God”? It’s as if we are waiting for Him to do something before we can be in right relationship with Him. In contrast, this verse tells us David took the initiative – he wasn’t for YHWH to “move”.

How different might our lives be if we consciously, purposely, willfully, and consistently  set Yahweh before our eyes. What if God is what was in focus instead of our situations and circumstances? What if God was as close to us as our right hand like verse eight says? Do you think we’d be unshakeable? 

Yahweh is truly worthy of all Praise, Worship, and Adoration. Our human efforts fall far short, so remember – you can’t give too much Praise, Worship, and Adoration to Yahweh.


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