357 – Psalm 28 – David’s Rock

Psalm 28:1 – 3 (NKJV) 

     28:title       A Psalm of David.

           1       To You I will cry, O [LORD] my Rock: Do not be silent to me,

    Lest, if You are silent to me,

    I become like those who go down to the pit.

           2       Hear the voice of my supplications

    When I cry to You,

    When I lift up my hands toward Your holy sanctuary.

           3       Do not take me away with the wicked

    And with the workers of iniquity,

    Who speak peace to their neighbors,

    But evil is in their hearts.


I am thankful for the titles of the Psalms because they provide some context for us. The title of this Psalm informs us that at Yahweh’s bidding, David recorded his prayer as a Hebrew song, forever preserving it in the passages of Scripture. Can you imagine one of your prayers written down and made available to all of mankind for all eternity? Your private thoughts, fears, shortcomings, and petitions laid bare for all to scrutinize? David weighted his relationship with Yahweh heavier than his exposed vulnerabilities.

Here David addresses the one and only God by name immediately in verse one. This is the first of five times David says God’s name in the nine short verses. David knew Yahweh’s name and used it often. In like fashion, we should know Yahweh’s name and use it often. His name is not LORD, it’s not God. His name is Yahweh, He is David’s “Rock”. Is Yahweh your Rock? When the world beneath your feet is shifting sand is Yahweh your sure foundation? In the midst of sickness, disease, financial struggle, or relationship problems are you securely anchored to Yahweh? Is He your “go-to” as He was David’s? Do you find your security in Yahweh?

Verse one is an introductory statement with the following two verses fleshing out, or providing more detail for David’s request. David is petitioning Yahweh for a response when he prays. He’s saying something like, “Yahweh, when I pray, if you don’t answer I’ll have no hope! Without you working on my behalf my life is doomed just like those people headed for the pit”! There’s another thing to consider about David’s prayer that Yahweh would answer. It demonstrates that David had a confidence, an expectation that Yahweh would indeed respond. I think that’s why he called Yahweh his rock. What about you and me? When we pray do we have an expectation that Yahweh will demonstrate His goodness to us, or are we stooped in anxiety wringing our hands hoping for a crumb from the Master’s table?

David was serious about prayer. He knew it was his one mode of communication with the God of the universe. He approached Yahweh consistently and deliberately on his knees. David had so many encounters with Yahweh in prayer that he had learned some things about Yahweh. He was David’s Rock or firm foundation. He provided hope, peace, and provision. It was enough to keep David returning to Yahweh over and over and over again.

Our regular prayer group is unique because it is almost exactly half men and half women. Most prayer meetings, in most churches (if they even have them) are mostly women. I fear that’s because men see prayer as a sign of weakness. They can take care of themselves and if they do pray they certainly are not going to expose such a weakness for all the world to see. Well, if that’s your perspective let me encourage you. I don’t care how powerful you are, you are weak! You do need help, you do need a Rock, and the only one that will do is Yahweh! Lay aside your pride and pray. Don’t just pray, but pray, pray, pray! Prayer is your hotline to Heaven – a direct line to Yahweh that He always answers be it night or day.


Yahweh is good.

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