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Serving The Lord, and Picnic Food

Do you know why this week was great? It wasn't just because we all got to watch (and/or shoot) fireworks and eat our fill in picnic food. It was because we got to serve our Lord! This past week we had a lovely turnout for our first ever "Invite A Friend" Sunday, and we successfully handed out almost 500 bottles of water (with TFL bookmarks of course) at the Fourth of July parade in Mandan. What a pleasure it is to serve Him. Our God is faithful in everything. Potluck This Friday This Friday, we will continue celebrating Him in fellowship with the first Truth Fellowship Live potluck taking place at the Kern's home. Their address is 6085 ...

God’s Good, Gracious & Glorious Goal

God’s Good, Gracious & Glorious Goal | Ephesians Series, Part 5 | Pastor Terry Kern Passages Ephesians 1:3-14 Downloads & Links Sermon Outline Ephesians 1:3-14 Get Our Email Newsletter

Outreach is the Word

The word of the week at Truth Fellowship Live is outreach. Why? There are three reasons. It is 'Invite A Friend to Church Sunday' at TFL Dont' forget! You can follow this link to email your friends a colorful invitiation to Truth Fellowship Live. This is a simple, and fun, way to share with your friends, neighbors and co-workers. We have an upcoming outreach event on July 4th We will be holding a Fourth of July outreach event in downtown Mandan during the parade by handing out bottles of water and TFL bookmarks. We are looking for a few willing hands to help. Those interested should contact Jon Hanson. God's Word calls us to share the good ...

Invite A Friend Sunday

Have you heard? This Sunday is invite a friend week at Truth Fellowship Live. Family, friends, and co-workers are all welcome as we worship and study the Word. Now of course, you can invite your friends the good old fashioned way – by asking them – or you can try something new. We have prepared the following email that you can "forward" to your friends with a simple click. Click here to do it yourself. We hope that this new method will help you reach out to others in a fun new way. See you, and your friends, this Sunday!

The Selection by the Father

The Selection by the Father | Ephesians Series, Part 5 | Dr Jon Hanson Passages Ephesians 1:3-6 Downloads & Links Sermon Outline Week 5 Get Our Email Newsletter

God’s Blessings During A Speedy Summer

This week marks the fifth week of Truth Fellowship Live. Can you believe how quickly the summer is going? We sure chose a busy time of the year to start a church, but God has been good to us! This past weekend we had a wonderful celebration of God's victories with our first baptism celebration at McDowell Dam. It is wonderful to see His children stepping out in obedience to Him. We always praise Him for that. We can also be assured that this Sunday's message will be wonderful. We will officially start peeling back the layers on the book of Ephesians. Jon Hanson will be walking us through the first six verses of this great book. It is sure to be ...

Heaven’s Graces in Earth’s Places, Part 2

Heaven’s Graces in Earth’s Places, Part 2 | Ephesians Series, Part 4 | Pastor Terry Kern Passages Ephesians 4 Ephesians 5 Ephesians 6 Downloads & Links Sermon Outline , Overview of the book of Ephesians Part 2 (Week 4) Overview of Ephesians Get Our Email Newsletter

Unless the Lord builds the house…

We are praising the Lord for another week of Truth Fellowship Live. How glorious He is to allow us to worship and serve Him is this way. Baptism This weekend will be a big one for Truth Fellowship Live. In addition to our fourth worship service, we will be holding our first baptism! Two individual will be baptized this Saturday at McDowell Dam at 2:00pm. Everyone is welcome to join in this event. Men's Study Also, any men who are interested in doing the six month long Design for Discipleship course provided by the Navigators Ministry should contact Roger Streifel at: (701) 426-9165. The Website Have your stopped by the Truth Fellowship ...

Heaven’s Graces in Earth’s Places, Part 1

Heaven’s Graces in Earth’s Places | Ephesians Series, Part 3 | Pastor Terry Kern Passages Ephesians 1 Ephesians 2 Ephesians 3 Downloads & Links Sermon Outline , Overview of the book of Ephesians Distinctives of Truth Fellowship Live Request Affirmation of the Bible Bookmarks Get Our Email Newsletter

Rejoicing in Hope. Steadfast in Prayer.

It feels great to have two services under our belt, and it is so clear that God is blessing the ministry of Truth Fellowship Live. Our leadership is united, our pastor is a gifted, and our congregation is ready to serve and worship our Lord. God is good! We rejoice in Him. But, we don't do so without prayer. Even as things move forward, we all need to continue in steadfast prayer for this ministry, and the ministry of all of God's Church. Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; (Romans 12:12, NKJV) This week, Pastor Terry has been hard at work preparing his next message for his series on Ephesians. Keep ...