Blessed are you! – Part 1

Blessed are you! – Part 1 | Luke 6:17-26 | Pastor Terry Kern

Sermon Outline Luke Week 24

Sermon Based Study Guide Luke Week 24

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2 Replies to "Blessed are you! - Part 1"

  • Marge
    July 31, 2014 (8:28 am)

    Once again I have come to this posting to drink from the well of truth. Thanks to all who make this possible. You have consistently been a beacon of light on a very foggy path. The background information you frame passages in adds so much more depth and understanding to a passage that I can see the relevance of what God is teaching and apply it to my life. And it always leaves me in tears and awe of how great God is and how much I love my Jesus. My salvation is a gift of His grace. And His grace continues to carry me as I try to live for Him in the here and now, until He takes me home. HE is the one who is at work in me….HE is the one who will accomplish it. Praise Him…..forever.

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