Serving The Lord, and Picnic Food

Do you know why this week was great? It wasn’t just because we all got to watch (and/or shoot) fireworks and eat our fill in picnic food. It was because we got to serve our Lord!


Both water and the Gospel made a appearance at the Fourth of July parade.

This past week we had a lovely turnout for our first ever “Invite A Friend” Sunday, and we successfully handed out almost 500 bottles of water (with TFL bookmarks of course) at the Fourth of July parade in Mandan. What a pleasure it is to serve Him. Our God is faithful in everything.

Potluck This Friday

This Friday, we will continue celebrating Him in fellowship with the first Truth Fellowship Live potluck taking place at the Kern’s home. Their address is 6085 Middlefield Rd, Bismarck (north on Washington). Festivities will begin around 6pm. 

By the way, do you notice all of the mentions of the word “first” in these weekly emails? I guess everything is exciting and new when you are “first” getting started.

Of course, on Sunday we will continue our study through Ephesians as Pastor Terry shares with us again. We hope to see you there as well.

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