Warnings to Live By

Warnings to Live By | Heb 2:1-4; 3:7-15; 5:11-6:20 | Pastor Jon Hanson

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2 Replies to "Warnings to Live By"

  • Marge
    August 12, 2014 (9:10 am)

    A personally timely message for me. A few weeks ago I was in conversation with a dear brother in The Lord , one I have known for years and was shocked to hear him say we could loose our Salvation. Your message today affirmed my belief that you can’t. But also lead me to a nagging question I’ve struggled with all my Christian life. As you bring out the background of what was actually happening during the time the passage was written (placing scripture in historical context) and who the recipients were (relevance), the text makes much more sense to me. But…how do I get that from just the Word. What if there were no commentaries or people who could bring historical context. What if it were just me and God’s Word? Would I be understanding, discerning, applying it correctly without any “human” aid. Sort of the deserted island scenario. I know God says His Spirit, which dwells in me, will teach me all things. I also know God gives us teachers and pastors. But who do you listen to when there is disagreement over some passages. Passages that can be foundational doctrine issues. Is this part of the last days struggle, where even believers will be deceived? Today we have amazing access to information. I know this can be also be a very effective tool of the Enemy also.

    I have come away from this message with a new awareness that I can’t be seeking to read God’s word to win a spiritual debate with someone (though I know I do need to be able to share truth), but I need to APPLY. Application to MY life is what God wants for me. Knowledge without application leads to stagnation …disobedience… Divine discipline. I don’t want to enter my eternal Home with milk dripping from my mouth, but chewing on some meat!

  • Dr. Jon Hanson
    August 21, 2014 (6:41 pm)

    Very insightful comments. To understand the Bible clearly, we must understand the context and background. This information is available in s good dictionary or Bible encyclopedia. Also you can get hints regarding the passage by the issues addressed. Nothing is in the Bible by accident.

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